Jack Vidgen, AGT 5th Season Champion, Dares to Touch Your Soul

Australia’s Got Talent , Bah. Who would have thought I’d be watching people singing, dancing, and prancing around the stage. This is definitely not my thing. However, the girlfriend blackmailed me into watching it with her. And man! I am surprised.

I checked some info about Australia’s Got Talent. It started in February 2007 and has just   ended the 5th season. Its set of judges includes names like Red Symons, Tom Burlinson, Brian McFadden, Kyle Sandilands, and Dannii Minogue. Slightly of-topic, but I am going to say it anyway: Dannii Minogue is hot! I fancy her better than her sister Kylie. Going back, AGT’s list of winners includes Bonnie Anderson, Smokin Joe Robinson, Mark Vincent, Justice Crew, and Jack Vidgen. Speaking of Vidgen, I blame the girlfriend for my predicament.


Jack Vidgen - Australia's Got Talent Winner 2011

You all know I am more into rock music, but something about Jack Vidgen’s performance touched a nerve. Whoa! What the hell am I saying? This is scary S*&T, mate! I must be going soft. Either that or well, you have to admit… Jack Vidgen does deserve to be AGT’s fifth champion. This 14 year-old has got to have one of the most powerful soul-rendering voices I have heard in my life. My girlfriend was ooh-ing and aaah-ing all throughout this child’s performance. And mind you, this girl is pretty hard to please. Moreover, we actually gave his performance a standing ovation just like what the audience did after he was done with his rendition of I Have Nothing (Whitney Houston song).

This kid, I am assuming, will really make it big. Move over, Bieber! Jack Vidgen has released his debut single last August 3, 2011 under Sony Music Australia. The single was named Yes I Am. Lastly, his debut album will be released mid-August. Apparently, it will contain the songs that have brought him this far

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