Amy Winehouse Was One Talented Musician

I’m not much of an Amy Winehouse fan, but I must admit I was quite surprised to hear about her death. I mean come on! Her death is a loss for the music industry in general. At her age, she had bagged several awards before her untimely death.

Amy Winehouse, for those not in the know, made her debut way back in 2003. Her first album was called Frank and was quite successful. Even more successful was her second album called Back to Back. In fact, it was such a huge success that Winehouse got to be the first British female artist to get 5 Grammy Awards. And this feat she did in one night. How awesome is that, right?Some of Amy Winehouse’s awards include Best New Artist, Record of the Year, Ivor Novello, and the Brit Awards.

Another confession I have to make is that I did try to listen to some of her songs. All those awards got me curious. I’d say You Know I’m No Good is a rocking song. It’s one of her songs from  her second album. It was a great mix of various genres. It has some hip-hop beats to it. It also featured R & B and jazz, which are both reminiscent of Amy Winehouse’s previous songs.

Apparently, British Indie rock band, Arctic Monkeys, also did a cover on You Know I’m No Good. Got to see them do their version of this song when they appeared on Live Lounge. I dunno about you, but I actually liked Winehouse’s version better. I guess it’s true what they say: Nothing beats the original.

Going back to Amy Winehouse’s death, news say the multi-talented musician died of suspected drug overdose. Paramedics rushed to her house and discovered she was beyond help. Anyway, I wonder how things would have gone if the paramedics were still able to revive her.

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