My Portable PA System Rocks

PA Systems was my best friend during my internship. I used to intern for an events company and I was taught how to work with this equipment. Well, it’s more like I used to help carry this equipment around. On a more serious note, they did teach me how to deal with PA Systems. However, they did not trust me enough to operate it during the event proper. Not hating though.

Anyway, it was because of said internship that I decided to get PA Systems. They don’t come cheap! I saw one costing 2 grand. On my meager salary, I could just save for a portable type system. That’s what I invested on. I looked online and found the Behringer EPA40 Handheld Portable PA. It comes with a microphone. Yey for me! So, I checked reviews; liked what I saw; and decided to get it from Allan’s Music + Billy Hyde website.

Portable PA Systems are perfect for picnics, tours, and even company meetings. As for the Behringer EPA40 unit that I have, it is user-friendly. It is also really very easy to carry around as it has a shoulder strap. It also has a built in battery with an 8-hour power life. Another thing I like about this product is compartment for the strap and battery. I just wish it had a compartment for the microphone though. Other than that, I enjoy using said product.

I usually end up using this portable PA unit to belt out songs from Nine Inch Nails with my Baden Guitar. Unfortunately, not all my relatives enjoy listening to me as much as I enjoy “singing” for them. On such occasions, I just connect my mp3 player to the PA system and play all my favourite songs from NIN. By the way, the audio speaker is awesome. Even my non-rocker cousins enjoy listening to Almost Home (yes, that’s another Trent Reznor song) when it’s playing from the PA unit.

Next time, Imma save up for the costlier PA Systems. For now, I can make do with this affordable and reliable Behringer unit.

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